Executive Support

Competence in Finance, Organization and Strategy

Executive Support by our experienced partners provides leverage to our clients’ transactions and often improves valuations and negotiation power thanks to a reduction of contingencies. This customized service by BridgeLink accelerates change management and post merger integration. BridgeLink experts cover a wide range of competences in Finance, Corporate Structure, Strategy, Organization, Marketing and IT.

Typical situations for BridgeLink Executive Support

  • The Finance Structure needs to be improved and possibly renegotiated
  • The Corporate Structure requires “cleansing”
  • The Strategy lacks focus
  • The company needs repositioning to align to new market challenges
  • The Cost Structure is burdening the P&L
  • The Pricing Policy lacks acceptance
  • The Management is ineffective
  • Executive changes need to be implemented with utmost respect for the existing corporate culture
  • An unexpected loss of Management needs to managed or bridged immediately

As an experienced management firm, BridgeLink can provide executive support and thus help the Company to develop good and lasting solutions without being unduly pressed for time.


We invite you to contact us for a meeting at your convenience to discuss the special needs of your organization. We guarantee you utmost confidentiality.

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