Take-over, Merger, Partnership

In order to assure the success of your acquisition or merger, BridgeLink helps you define your goals and ask the questions that will increase your chances of success.

For example:

  • Is the targetted company the best option for your strategic development?
  • Acquire or merge? Which option fits your needs?
  • Is the strategic rationale solid, and are your and the target’s management in agreement on the goals?
  • Is the long-term development of the target enterprise secure? If not, what measures must be taken and what are the attendant costs and risks?
  • What is the maximum price that can be paid?
  • How to finance the acquisition?
  • In the case of a merger what is the equity position you will consider and how to obtain a fair valuation?
  • Does the Due Diligence  cover all critical aspects?
  • Does the contract protect your interests in case hidden problems surface after closing?


BridgeLink helps you navigate through the entire acquisition process, from strategic groundwork to target screening, to negotiation, to due diligence checklists, and to closing.  If required, BridgeLink will also arrange financial solutions.

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